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Siren's Stone

In order for the clan to survive, one of them has to die.

Prax is determined to save them all. The sirens are on the verge of being eradicated, but there’s one way they might survive. Prax and her friends must venture on land, hunt down a powerful mage, and locate the Siren’s Stone. And even should they accomplish all of this in time, they still must face their last, most difficult hurdle: one of them must die in order to save the rest.

Shade is only a human, but without his help, and the help of his fellow scavengers, the sirens will never survive on land. He knows he should walk away. Aiding the sirens could prove deadly, and he has no wish to revisit a past he only barely escaped. But there’s something about Prax that draws him in. She needs him, and he can’t turn his back.

Scavengers and Sirens make strange allies, but they must pull together— and quickly. Because they have only fourteen days to achieve the impossible.  

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